Essential Questions

Developing the knowledge and skills needed to address the variety of student needs you have in your classroom is an ongoing process that will continue throughout your career. To help you quickly locate the information for which you are searching, the professional development outcomes based on the INTASC Model Standards for Licensing General and Special Education Teachers: A Resource for State Dialogue have been organized into seven essential questions.

Click on each essential question below to review additional questions and information pertinent to each essential question. You can also visit the Site Map to view a complete list of the information each question contains.

Question One: How can I be sure that all my students will succeed in the curriculum I'm teaching?

Question Two: What instructional methods will help to ensure that all my students learn?

Question Three: How do I manage my classroom to optimize learning?

Question Four: What are effective ways to assess what my students are learning?

Question Five: How do I collaborate to benefit my students?

Question Six: How do students' development and life experiences affect learning?

Question Five: How are my responsibilities affected by federal, state, and local policies?