What does the law require of me as a general education teacher?

Students who have disabilities may be placed in the general education classroom for all or part of the school day. The general education teacher will need to implement any accommodations and make any modifications for the designated students as indicated in the students' Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

Factual Information

These activities may be done in conjunction/collaboration with special education teachers and/or paraprofessionals or the general education teacher may receive little assistance in meeting the needs of students who have special education needs. In order to successfully meet the learning, affective, and behavioral goals for the identified students, as a general education teacher you must know what goals and accommodations are specified in a student's IEP. You may also be asked to participate as a member of the IEP team. In doing so, you may be asked to bring data (academic, attendance, behavioral) to the IEP meeting to better inform the process and to determine appropriate goals for the student. Essential question 7, sub-question 2 has more information about IEPs.

Classroom Activities

No classroom activities are available at this time.


If you are unsure about your responsibilities and your involvement in the Special Education process, consult with a special education colleague or with your administrator.

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