What is my role in implementing the expanded curriculum?

As noted in Essential Question 1 Subquestion 5, the expanded curriculum is defined in national standards documents and generally means that learning goals for some students will need to go beyond the general education curriculum and include goals in areas such as motor skills, independent living skills, and social/emotional development. For a review of what is meant by the expanded curriculum, refer to sections 1.03, 1.07, 4.01, 7.01, 7.03, 7.09, and Principle # 8 in the INTASC (Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium) Model Standards for Licensing General and Special Education Teachers of Students with Disabilities: A Resource for State Dialogue.

Factual Information

As a classroom teacher, your role in implementing the expanded curriculum will include three areas:

  • Working with the special education teacher. The special education teacher will play a leadership role in the implementation of the expanded curriculum and may spend time in your classroom actively engaged with the student who has a disability. Although the special education teacher may assume a leadership role, you will need to work closely with him/her because your shared knowledge about the child will support you both in helping the child achieve independence in the area where an expanded curriculum is needed (e.g., motor skills).
  • Working with paraprofessionals. A paraprofessional may be assigned to your classroom to implement an expanded curriculum for a child who has a disability. Should this be the case, you may need to supervise this individual and/or work closely with him/her to assure consistency in implementing the curriculum.
  • Managing schedules, time, or other factors relating to components of the expanded curriculum. Another role you will play relating to the expanded curriculum is managing schedules and time. For example, a child with a physical disability may need extra time to move from one classroom to another.

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