One of my students seems reluctant to communicate in class. What are some reasons why students might be reluctant to communicate?

The reasons for a student's reluctance to communicate in class are varied. One reason could be related to a developmental delay, another reason could be related to the fact that the student's primary language is not English, another reason may be that the student has a speech disorder and is reluctant to speak, and still another reason may be related to behavioral and family issues.

Factual Information

In general, language and/or communication problems may be present in any student group (including those with and without disabilities,) at any age, and in any community setting. While website is not intended to cover the full range of language and speech disorders, you will find basic information, as well as strategies and helpful hints for working with students who have disabilities, in the resources section below.

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Resources and Links

The following websites may help teachers think about their students and why they may be reluctant to communicate.